Tips For Staging Your Home

For the potential buyer looking to find their new home, first impressions count! Thinking from the buyer’s perspective, having access to a plethora of home photos via Trulia or Zillow often results in a quick yes or no decision making as they flip through the photos. If a potential buyer has selected your house for a showing, that means you’ve made it through the first round and now is your chance to really wow them! That being said, staging your home is well worth the effort and consideration. If you’re at a loss on where to start, here are some tips to get you moving.

Tidying Up

As a buyer walks through your home, they are imagining themselves living in each space, so first, it is important to go through the rooms and clear away items distracting them from that image. If you are facing areas with clutter, find ways to store the clutter in cube shelves with drawers, or if you can go ahead and pack it away you can kill two birds with one stone! Strive for cleared counters, minimal decorations, and open spaces. Most importantly, clean everything extremely well. In bathrooms especially, mold and grime can stand out and be an easy turn-off. With a simple bleach and water mixture, many spots can be removed and end up looking brand new.

Lighten Up Your Space

Before staging your home, you’ll want to find ways to bring in the most light to show off your space! This could simply mean pulling back your curtains to let in the natural light. Lighting the room properly is an easy way to open up space and show the size of the area. Add lamps in dark areas, and make sure every bulb is of the same wattage to keep the room flowing evenly. 

Update Where You Can

Renovating your home is a much more expensive process than staging your home, or at least it absolutely should be! But- in some scenarios, updating is required. A few things you can check are the cabinets and hardware in your kitchen, the tile and faucets in your bathroom, or the wall paint and flooring in your living and bedrooms. Additionally, consider updating your lighting fixtures and installing new ceiling fans as those are quickly outdated and typical dust collectors! 

These are a few tips to get you started in the staging mindset on your own. If you aren’t the decorating type, are feeling overwhelmed, or simply do not have the time- contact us, we can help! We have a professional home stager to appoint for all of our listed homes and wouldn’t recommend it any other way.