10 DIYs To Refresh Your House For the New Year

The beginning of the year is the perfect time to do a quick maintenance routine around the house to assure everything is working properly and efficiently! How do you keep up with all of the to-dos and updates? We’ve done the thinking for you, here is a helpful checklist to go by!

  1. Replace your AC filters. Do this periodically to avoid repairs and lower your energy bill! If you need a tutorial, here’s a link.
    1. Another important filter to replace, your refrigerator water filter. Here are some step by step instructions 
  2. Get a Roomba! You can connect it to your Google Home and set it to vacuum automatically at certain times of the day, allowing you to come home to pet-free floors!
  3. Consider switching to energy-efficient LED and CFL light bulbs, lasting longer and consuming less energy; while burning just as bright!
  4. Refresh your carpet by renting a carpet cleaner for the weekend! Talk about instant gratification. Rent here
  5. Upgrade your home safety by installing a video doorbell camera. Here is a selection for the best doorbell cameras in 2020.
  6. Replace frequently used items, such as towels. Keep your existing towels to use for cleaning, covering plants during a freeze, etc. However- it is suggested to replace your bathroom towels every 2 years!
  7. Eliminate the dust to help prevent germs and colds this season! Bring in the ladder and Swiffer away on the ceiling fans and hard to reach places.
  8. Do you have a pile of “donate-to-____” items? Now is the time to do it, before your new year high wears off! Do a quick sweep through your closets and pantry to add to the donations if necessary.
  9. Look into purchasing an essential oil diffuser. You can select oils to diffuse depending on the mood you’d like to set whether it be an energizing oil, calming oil, focus oil, etc! Here’s one on Amazon.
  10. Make a list of goals to accomplish in your home before January 2021, this could be filled with little to-dos or big purchases, which is exciting to think about!

If you have any annual routine/maintenance tips that you like to do at the beginning of the year, feel free to share! We all get busy, there’s no doubt about it, but coming home to a refreshing house is always a pleasant way to end your busy days. We hope this helps! Happy New Year!