Simple Christmas Decorations

The holiday season is finally here! It’s time to turn on your Michael Buble Christmas album, pull the boxes down from the attic, pour yourself a cup of hot chocolate, and get to decorating! If you’re looking for a spin on decorating this year, we might have some helpful tips to have your home looking festive without the clutter. 

Uniform Wrapping Paper

Ever heard the saying of “kill two birds with one stone”? While that might not be holiday-appropriate, wrapping your presents with a uniform pattern, color scheme, and design will serve as both a great addition to your decorations and your presents are wrapped early!

Add a Table Cloth

If you have an existing table cloth, swap it out for a nice plaid or gold and white striped pattern. Adding a table cloth for the holiday season is a convenient way to make a statement piece in your dining area! 

Let’s See All The Coffee Cups!

Winter is the perfect time to try out a Pinterest-inspired coffee cup display. If you collect holiday mugs, even better! The holidays give us warm and fuzzy feelings, complete with a hot cup of coffee or as previously suggested, hot chocolate of course. This requires no additional purchases, which is a plus.

Some other cute and fun additions are swapping out the bedding for holiday-themed patterns, or adding a fake mailbox to Santa on your front porch! We’d love to see your version of simple Christmas decoration additions, Happy Holidays!