Re-locating to a New School District

Do you or will you have children in school during the time of your next move? Re-locating to a new school district can be exciting and stressful for both the parents and the children! Will it be completely different? Are the teachers nice? Can the parents be involved or volunteer? Questions will flood your mind until you get settled in, which is perfectly normal! Here are a few ways to make the transition easier.

Compare & Contrast The Routine

Different people react differently to schedule changes. Your child might be excited about a change! On the other hand, they may act out of frustration. To ease both of your minds, try comparing the new school districts schedule to what the current or past routine has been and how it coincides or differs. How far is the commute? What time is their recess/lunch? Do they have the same extracurriculars?

Do Your Research

On the Texas Education Agency site, you can look up Texas schools’ reports, data, financial status, etc. It’s a great resource to use for your research. Another option is to search the school district and browse through their information, usually consisting of information on each department along with the calendar and schedule per school!

Meet The Teachers

Regardless of the research, you are bound to get that welcoming feeling when you enter the school and see the staff in person! They will be the ones who can explain to you what the atmosphere is like for the kids, as well as for the parents. If high parent and teacher involvement is important to you, questioning the teachers and faculty should give you a good sense.

Change isn’t easy, take your time and do your research so that you are confident in your decision! Your confidence will rub off on your children who will be feeling ready to conquer their new classroom!