Crafting & Cocktails!

Are you looking for inspiration for your next holiday party? Look no further! This Crafting & Cocktails party idea will become an annual get together after you see how easy and fun it is. The best part? You leave with a handful of new holiday decorations to put up in your home every year! 

Here’s How It Works:

  1. Select a DIY craft to your liking (example: handmade ornament)
  2. Purchase supplies for your craft x the # of guests in the party (typically 6-8 guests)
  3. Learn your DIY directions and teach the party how to create your craft!
  4. Rotate crafts (and cocktails!) until you have created every craft and have goodies to bring home with you!

When To Have It:

Ideally, you want to host the party in time for the decorations to be enjoyed throughout the season! If you want to create Halloween decor, Thanksgiving & Fall decor, or Christmas & Winter decor, host your party at the beginning of those months! You can even host a crafting party for decorations in the Spring or hosting a get together to make decor for an upcoming event like a wedding, bachelorette party, or anniversary celebration.

How Many People To Invite (and why):

It’ll work in your favor to keep these parties smaller in order to save time. Each craft can take from 20 to 60 minutes to complete, which is why we suggest having between 6-8 people and beginning the party early in the afternoon!

Picking Your Craft:

Keep in mind that DIY crafts vary in the needed amount of time. You’re typically using a glue gun, or paint, or even tedious sewing can be involved. You won’t want to have a party that lasts an entire day- so study up on your craft’s instructions about necessary drying time and what you can do in advance to help speed the process along! If your craft involves cutting stencils out, have those done before your party to save time. 

Pinterest is a great place for all things DIY! So, create your crafting & cocktails board and get started on picking your perfect craft and choosing that great group of friends and family to enjoy some time together before the holidays.