4 Ways to Transform Your Spare Room

Have you been staring at an empty room in the house that needs some revamping? Whether your kids moved out or you’ve been using it as a storage space- there is potential being wasted in that room and we can help! Knowing your preferences and your hobbies will help you decide how you’d like to gear a revamp of your spare room. 

Do you love to read, or are you an active exerciser? Do you enjoy a quiet place to get your work done, or are you looking for a soundproof room to watch your favorite action movies? We’ve got suggestions for all!

Reading Room

A quick way to turn an empty space into a serene and relaxing area is to transform it into a reading room. To really set the tone, you can install floor to ceiling bookshelves on an entire wall! How you organize your books is up to your preference, but seeing them color-coded is always pleasing to the eye. Add in a large rug, a few comfortable chairs and throw pillows, and you’re set!

Home Office

With some extra effort, you can turn your spare room into an official at-home office to get all of your work done. The necessary furniture will likely take up most of the floor space, but if you want to take advantage of storage, consider facing the corner and installing cabinets around your desk area. 

At-Home Gym

This one takes some investment and time! Preferably on the first floor, but not limited to the second floor, you can create an at-home gym and skip the commute! After you’ve selected and arranged your desired machinery and collection of equipment, install floor to ceiling mirrors and an extra fan source to really set the tone! Also- bright lights to keep you motivated!

Media Room

A decked-out media room is all of the rage these days. Its purpose is to fit all of your sports watching, video game playing, movie binging needs! If your spare room has an existing window, you can use blackout curtains to cut off incoming light. You’ll want to install sound-absorbing boards along one wall to help keep the sound from echoing throughout the house. 

If you’ve recently renovated your spare room to something fun, share pictures because we would love to see it!